Why Everyone Should Leave the Church

The church is dead. The church is dying. The church is sick.

Turn all the churches into community centers. Repurpose them into condos. Tear them down and use the land for something worthwhile.

All they do is talk about fairytales. They just take people’s money. They are all hypocrites.

Everyone should just leave the church and be done with it.

The church is dead.

Have you heard anything like this lately? It seems like every week there’s a news story about how the church continues to lose influence in our culture.

Admittedly, I’ve written about the challenges the church experiences today. I’ve written about the lies the church tells and the threats the church faces (here and here).

Last week, popular author Donald Miller wrote a blog entitled “I Don’t Worship God by Singing. I Connect With Him Elsewhere.” It created a lot of noise, so much so that he followed up with a much longer explanation.

He regularly asks serious questions about the role faith and religion plays in our lives. He can be challenging to a lot of our preconceptions, but we shouldn’t ignore what he has to say.

After 2,000 years of business, maybe its time for the church to roll up the sidewalk, shutter the stained glass windows, and close up shop.


The world is smaller now and we cannot deny there are other valid religions.

Maybe when you grew up the biggest doctrinal challenge to your faith was whether the Methodist or Catholics had it more correct than you.

Now, there is no denying there is more than a billion people who are Muslim, there are hundreds of millions who are Hindu or Buddhist, and tens of millions of people who are Jewish or some other faith.

You cannot ignore their belief and Christianity can’t trump them by talking louder.

The church is all about fairytales and myths, so no intelligent person can honestly believe that stuff. 

Science marches on and continues to unveil the mysteries of life. We don’t need God to protect us from the unknown like we used to need him.

You can’t trust the Bible as a source of truth because its racist or patriarchal. There are so many contradictions who can believe it?

I mean, really, how is the church different from the “pastafarians” who worship the “Flying Spaghetti Monster?”

The church is filled with hypocrites who prove Christianity is not real. 

Obviously the defrocked priests, the humiliated pastors, and church members swept up in lurid sex scandals show that the message is not real.

Spend some time in a church and you’ll discover selfish, manipulative, and controlling people.

Just watch a Christian walk past someone in need. How can their faith be real?

And so it goes. And so it has gone. And so it will go as it has for 2,000 years.

None of these complaints or attacks on the church are new. All of them have some validity and challenge we who believe to be honest about living our faith.

We must answer questions given to us. We must invest our lives. We must work hard to bear witness to the gospel.

Sure, anyone can leave the church. If you have lost faith in the church maybe you should focus on Jesus for a while.

The gospel message about how Jesus changes the world has weathered many storms over the last two millennia. The church has been reinvented and reinvigorated many times.

The church is being reinvented right now before our eyes.

If you leave the church now, you’re just leaving it to someone else who will work to find a way to share the message that God loves you in Jesus Christ.

The church may be dead in your eyes, but the gospel isn’t.

We just need to do a better job sharing it.