Trying to Get in Shape, Again . . .

I have never been comfortable in my own skin. I grew up skinny and self-conscious. I am no longer skinny, by a long shot.

I need to get in shape, again.

I have never been comfortable in my own skin. I grew up guilty and self-conscious. I am still guilty by a long shot.

I need to get in shape, again.

I am on a journey and I invite you to come along.

It is true that I need to get into shape physically. My wife and I recently agreed to hold each other accountable to getting in shape and to being more healthy.

We have a YMCA membership that we have sort of used, but neither of us are real comfortable “going to the gym.” We’re going to do it together as a “strength in numbers” sort of thing.

We’re going to sign up for a personal trainer, learn how to use the machines, and generally make fools of ourselves trying to reshape our ever aging bodies.

It is also true that I need to get into shape spiritually. My wife and I agreed to hold each other accountable to that as well.

I have a “God Membership” that I use regularly but it has become a little stale and predictable. I have had some conflict in my life and some fatigue and both of them have eaten away and my spiritual energy and strength.

For the last few weeks I have been writing about going on a spiritual journey. Last week we focused on mediation and this week we are focusing on prayer. Slowly, I am regaining spiritual energy.

Next week focuses on fasting–that ought to help both of my attempts to get in shape!

The thing about getting in shape is we need realistic goals, someone to hold us accountable, and a real desire to change.

I am encouraged about getting in physical shape because my wife and I aren’t trying to become bodybuilders and we know how to hold each other to his or her word. Believe me, too, if we go to the YMCA and hangout there, we have a real desire to do this.

We’ll be way out of our comfort zone, but we will get in shape.

My spiritual goals are realistic, too. In short, I am working through the spiritual disciplines outlined in Richard Foster’s Celebration of Discipline. I am writing here about it and in my Three-Minute Bible Studies on my Facebook page.

It is a discipline to write 2,500 words a week. It is an even greater discipline to commit to practicing these disciplines.

Wherever you are in your life and whatever change you are seeking, you will discover the three most important principles to success are realistic goals, accountability, and desire.

You are invited to come along here online on this spiritual journey. If you want to get in physical shape you’ll need to hit the gym or get off the sofa or out of the chair!

I’m off to ride my exercise bike while I read some Scripture–two birds with one stone and all that.