This is How the Year Ends, What’s Next?

Back in the last days of August, I wrote five or six blog posts to populate this little corner of the internet and quietly posted them online. Then on September 5, I turned the light on and invited anyone interested to stop in for a visit.

Initially, I had a crowd of people stop in to see what all the fuss was about and since then there have been regular visitors and even new friends stop by to read what I have to say.

Thank you all very much for your interest!

Along the way I have submitted 49 blog posts over a wide variety of topics. I have been trying to write on people, life, and culture as topics naturally came to my mind.

Early on, people responded well my reflections on the church when I wrote about lies, truths, threats (part 1 & 2), and the future of the church. The post on The Four Lies of the Church has been the most read post I have on the site.

I had four posts that were well received here and picked up for the Associated Baptist Press site: Of Grace, Mumford & Sons, and Life, When Should We Say Retard?, James Bond’s Gospel of Resurrection, and How is The Hobbit Like an Advent Journey?

The Hobbit piece even led to being quoted in the online version of The Oklahoman, the newspaper for Oklahoma City. That was unexpected and humbling.

I was delighted by your interest when I emphasized how the Bible can change a person’s life and when I compared God to Starbucks.

I have written on a wide variety of topics these last four months sometimes focusing on current events like the election and the Newtown tragedy and sometimes focusing on personal development. In short, I have been trying to learn and experiment to find the best ways I can engage you and other readers.

Last June, I reorganized my priorities and began preparations to start this online adventure. After three months of preparation I launched in September. Back then, I wrote about jumping into the deep end of the social media pool. I’ve tried to keep my nose above water . . . .

Through www.darrellgwaltney.comFacebook, and Twitter several hundred people are involved reading along and engaging in one way or another. Some of you do this already, but please share on your own FB pages the stories I write to introduce me to your wider circle of friends.

I am very committed to writing about what interests you. As I continue to learn how to be an effective communicator online, I am encouraged and  inspired by hearing from you.

You may not like making comments in the comments section and that is okay. If you would rather not comment publicly then feel free to email me at and share with me the sorts of things about which you are curious or have questions. I will be glad to work on them for you.

The last four months of writing have been fun, very fun. They have also been humbling and instructive. I am excited about the next year and hope to continue to improve what I am doing here.

I’m looking for feedback here as I shape “what’s next.” It has been a good start and I’m looking forward to next year with you.

Feel free to leave comments or send me an email. On Monday, I will share some things with you about the new year.

  • June

    Darrell, I am so sorry about being lax on postings. I have read your articles and been so amazed at the sheer depths of most, if not all of them. Some I had to reread & some I chuckled at. I’ve had several surgeries and just not always felt like posting but I will get better at it. I miss being able to hear you preach.
    May you & your family have the best of New Years.

    With love,
    June Saltiel

    • Darrell Gwaltney

      No worries, June! Thank you for your kind comments about my work here on line. I do hope you will be feeling better in the new year. Blessings to you and your family!

  • David Sullivan

    I look forward to your Blog. I get a subscription. You are very instrumental in my Walk… Also your blog has made a great impact on the Elders in my Church here in Oregon…

    • Darrell Gwaltney

      Thank you, David, for your encouragement and support! It means a lot to me that what I’m doing connects well with you and your church leadership. Be well and Happy New Year!