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Lent, Bubble Mania, and God

About six years ago one of my students challenged me to reveal what I was giving up for Lent.

I told her, “I’m a Baptist, I don’t do Lent.”

She said, “It’s not about being Baptist, it’s about giving up something for God. I’m giving up caffeine, what are you going to give up?”

Backed into a corner by a student I respected and confronted with the weakness of my “Baptist” excuse, I made a decision.

“I’ll give up Peanut M&Ms,” I said.


4 Goals for Spiritual Growth

When I was younger we called it a daily quiet time. It was preached and taught often as critical for our spiritual health. I knew that I was supposed to carve out a portion of my day to read the Bible and pray.

I was never able to do it so I always felt like a substandard Christian.

It was hard to make myself sit still everyday to do it. I am still not particularly good at it, but I have set some goals that have been helpful for my spiritual growth.

Let me share them with you today.