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Oh, the Places We Will Go!

The first full work week of the new year greets us! Whatever will we do with it?

We are about one full week into the new year so there has been plenty of time to break those New Year’s resolutions. About now, you may be rationalizing how they were not very realistic in the first place.

If you’re having problems already with your resolutions, then go back and check out what I said about promises last week.

For now, let us turn our attention to this week. Oh, the places we can go!


How to Keep Promises to Yourself

The new year feeds my need to make lists. I like lists. Just making a list helps me feel productive.

Like most people, when a new year rolls around I like to make lists of the things I plan to change about myself, or lists of goals, or lists of all the things I didn’t get done last year but I will get done this year.

Lists. I love them.

I am trying real hard not to make a list.