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4 Ways to Slow Down

I did not write for three weeks and it was on purpose. At first, I thought I would skip a post, and then it was two posts and then three.

Then I thought, “Okay, I will write tomorrow.” Then I would change my mind. Finally, I decided I must need to slow down.

I have been learning things right and left as I have been writing for you. This time, I learned I needed to slow down to a full stop.


3 Ways to Find Yourself While Living Your Life

Maybe it happened all of a sudden or, perhaps, it snuck up on you. One day, quite unannounced you looked over your shoulder and saw your life chasing your down.

You likely thought, “Should I let it catch me, or should I run harder?”

We all face that moment when we are surprised by where we have been and not sure where we are going.

We need to find ourselves.