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Four Kinds of Love, One Way of Life

Love mystifies me. I cry at movies and when I read books. I tear up when I see young couples holding hands. My heart skips a beat when I see parents with young children.

Love makes the world go round, launches a thousand ships, and inspires countless poems and song lyrics.

Like water running through our fingers we cannot contain it. Like wind moving past us we cannot hold it. Like breath we cannot live without it.


How to Love on Ordinary Days

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day or, as I have heard some of my students call it, “Singles Awareness Day.” Loving is hard enough on an ordinary day, much less on a day devoted to the celebration of romantic love.

Valentine’s Day magnifies all the anxieties of love. It shines a light on relationships or the lack thereof and casts a pale shadow on all ill prepared expressions of love.

Do you have a valentine? What present did you buy? Was it the right present to convey the right idea or emotion? Flowers or not? Elegant dinner or casual dining?

Incredible pressure exists to get the expression of love just right.


What is so Special about Coffee?

My wife and I were talking about coffee on the way into work this morning. Without any sort of conscious decision, coffee has become an integral part of our morning routine.

Do you want caffeine? Decaffeinated?

Did you make the coffee? Is it ready yet?

And on very special mornings, “How ’bout we just stop by Starbucks this morning?”