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Why I Am Not Perfect, But I Try To Be

Before my wife asked me what I wanted for our thirty-second anniversary, I told her. This surprised her because the conversation usually goes like this . . .

My wife: “Darrell, what do you want for your birthday/Christmas/anniversary present?”

Me: “Um, I dunno. I can’t think of anything.”

My wife: “Sigh.”

This time, before she could ask, I knew I wanted this book: Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation.

Now, before you leave the page because you’re thinking, “Oh God, no, not another lovefest fandom article about Apple!” please keep reading . . . .


Relearning How to Talk about Jesus

When I was much younger I learned how to tell people about Jesus. I had five or six different strategies. Each approach ended with me asking the person, “Would you like to ask Jesus to come into your heart?”

About fifteen years ago I realized more and more people looked at me with a blank stare when I asked the question.

They didn’t have a clue what I was asking them to do. I could just as easily have asked them if they wanted to join a cult.

Jesus and the church had no impact upon their lives. Why would they want Jesus?


3 Reasons Your Life Can Be a Comedy

Recently my son was asking questions about how my wife and I met. We were lab rats for a writing project in one of his classes.

Since I was out of town for the weekend my wife and I both wrote up our versions and emailed them to him separately. He enjoyed reading of our first meeting.

He thinks how are relationship started is comedic. Little does he know, our whole relationship has been a comedy.