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3 Reasons Your Life Can Be a Comedy

Recently my son was asking questions about how my wife and I met. We were lab rats for a writing project in one of his classes.

Since I was out of town for the weekend my wife and I both wrote up our versions and emailed them to him separately. He enjoyed reading of our first meeting.

He thinks how are relationship started is comedic. Little does he know, our whole relationship has been a comedy.


4 Goals for Spiritual Growth

When I was younger we called it a daily quiet time. It was preached and taught often as critical for our spiritual health. I knew that I was supposed to carve out a portion of my day to read the Bible and pray.

I was never able to do it so I always felt like a substandard Christian.

It was hard to make myself sit still everyday to do it. I am still not particularly good at it, but I have set some goals that have been helpful for my spiritual growth.

Let me share them with you today.


4 Paths to Building Relationships

When I was in high school I had something I called the FOR Syndrome. It mainly applied to my relationship with girls, but it was true in all other areas of my life.

It was the Fear of Rejection Syndrome and it paralyzed my relationship building.

How do I make friends? With whom do I make friends? Will they like me? Will she like me? Who are the right people for me to hang out with in my free time?

Do these questions sound familiar? They usually follow us into adulthood. I know they did me.