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Pete Seeger, the State of the Union, and Calling Each Other Names

The music died yesterday. Well, a little bit of it died. After a career of more than seventy years, Pete Seeger passed away at 94 years of age.

I spent some time yesterday listening to tunes like “Where Have all the Flowers Gone?” and “If I Had a Hammer” and thought a bit about how a person can change the world with his voice.

It was a good feeling. I felt hopeful.

Then President Obama delivered the State of the Union address, I stumbled onto Facebook, and nearly lost my faith in humanity.


What is Your Seat at the Table in the Presidential Debates?

In the first debate, President Obama and Governor Romney stood formally behind lecterns. In the second debate, they prowled the stage and circled each other looking for an attack. In the third, they sat at a table.

Like the Biden/Ryan debate of a week ago, sitting at the table within arms reach of each other and the moderator, both Obama and Romney seemed more human and accessible.

They were not sharing a meal together, they were on the national stage with very high stakes on the table, but sitting together at a table brings them together in unique ways.


Presidential Debates and What They Show Us about Ourselves

Round Two of the 2012 Presidential Debates pushed its way into our living rooms last night. It felt like we were invited to the front row of a verbal fistfight. At times, both Obama and Romney squared off in front of each other like two school boys in a shouting match ready to come to blows.

Decorum would not allow that, of course, but there was electricity in the air. There were fighting words being tossed about by the two of them.

On the day of the first debate i asked a simple question, “May the Best Man Win?” I then shared how that question might be answered. That question remains on my mind.