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Why Submission Isn’t a Bad Word

The resistance to submission starts early. How many of us have heard a child say, “You’re not the boss of me!”

Every parent understands, well, parenting and that ongoing shaping, molding, teaching, and instructing of a child.

Children need to learn early to submit to their parent’s authority. As they grow into adolescence and even adulthood that submission takes a different shape and form.

For each of us, learning how to submit to others as we grow into the independence of adulthood often defines the kind of person we will be.

Let’s think for a bit about why submission isn’t a bad word.


How to Find Silence in Your Busy Life

About a year ago, my wife and I were fortunate to buy a small cabin by a creek. It is a wonderful setting.

Outside a small town, with a gently flowing creek behind it, and cow pastures in front, it is a nice place to get away.

The best thing about it, though, is it has no internet, no television, and no phone service.

It has helped me learn how to slow down my life and relish the solitude of silence.


Do You Want to Be in the Olympics?

I always wanted to be a bobsledder. What Olympic event did you want to do?

Figure skating? Downhill skiing? Speed skating? Ski jumping?

Now, luge, that I never wanted to do! Why lay on my back and go down a hill feet first?

At my age, I doubt I will ever ride a bobsled in the Olympics, or anywhere for that matter, but I’d like to think I could still be an Olympian.