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How My Dog Taught Me to Fix Things

I have a dog named Max. Max is a very big dog. Max weighs 120 pounds.

As a mix between a Pyrenees and a Newfoundland he impersonates a big fur ball sized bear walking through the house. Gentle in spirit and determined to bark at every imaginary ogre and gremlin sneaking in front of our house, he is fearless.

Except when it storms.

When the thunder booms and the lightening flashes and the rains fall, he looks for a place to hide.


Can You Be a Loser?

When I was in college I sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door for about a year to make money to pay bills. Every afternoon all the salespeople would meet for a pep talk.

Our manager would stir us up with inspirational quotes, we’d use plastic bowling pins to beat out the rhythm of songs we’d sing, and we’d finish our session with a chant.

We’d shout, “We are winners! We are winners! We are winners!” Then we’d go out to sell vacuum cleaners.

That experience was my first introduction to the “you-must-be-a-winner” attitude that so defines our culture. If you do not win at everything, then you must be a loser. Win at love. Win at business. Win at conflict. Just win at whatever the cost. What a lousy way to live a life!