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People Do Amazing Things: Mandy Rapson

Let me introduce you to an amazing friend. Her name is Mandy Rapson. You will discover that she is fearless, courageous, selfless, and passionate in her love for others and for Christ.

I first met Mandy seven years ago when I began developing a service learning experience for Belmont University students in South Africa. Over the years she has become a friend to our family, a mentor to my daughter, and an encourager to students.

Moreover, she has built a life where she invests herself in others. I want you to meet her and to learn about the cool things she does and the really amazing thing she did lately.

Friends, let me introduce Mandy Rapson to you. She is the kind of person that gives me hope.


Do You Have a Couple of Minutes?

Yesterday was a day of conversations. I started talking in the morning and carried on a series of rolling conversations through to the end of the day. Sometimes I tell people I talk for a living.

It often feels that way.

Most conversations begin with a question: “Hey, do you have a couple of minutes?” I sit down with someone, we talk, and the minutes pass.