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When Your Daughter Graduates into Life

My daughter graduated from college Saturday. You might say, “Well people graduate from college all the time!”

This is true, but this is my daughter and I am particularly proud. She is a middle child like me and this is her moment in the spotlight.

I want to announce to all my friends how unbelievably amazing she is. She does not like it much when I compliment her, but she has approved me writing this, so as her dad I have some things to say.

It is an exciting day when your daughter graduates into life.


Four Kinds of Love, One Way of Life

Love mystifies me. I cry at movies and when I read books. I tear up when I see young couples holding hands. My heart skips a beat when I see parents with young children.

Love makes the world go round, launches a thousand ships, and inspires countless poems and song lyrics.

Like water running through our fingers we cannot contain it. Like wind moving past us we cannot hold it. Like breath we cannot live without it.


When Your Daughter Comes Home

I was never able to travel when I was a child, so when each of my children reached ten years of age I took them to London, England, for a week. I wanted them to discover the world.

On their last day in London, I told them they could go anywhere they wanted to go in the city but they would need to take me there and bring me back. I wanted them to gain confidence in their ability to explore.

Each one took me out into the city and brought me back to the hotel. They were the adult for the day and it was a glorious adventure.