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3 Ways Baseball Heals Me

As a child growing up a St. Louis Cardinals fan in Missouri I always wanted to go to Spring Training.

Years later when I lived in south Florida, the Cardinals moved their Spring Training facility two miles from my home.

I was in heaven.

I bought Spring Training season tickets when Roger Dean Stadium opened in 1998 and I never looked back.

Even when I moved to Nashville ten years ago, I kept my tickets. Although I only get to watch one week’s worth of games each year, I still make my annual trek to Jupiter, Florida.

My Spring Training journey starts baseball’s annual healing process in me.


133 Ways “Grace is”

When my wife and I came home from work the day before yesterday it was hot in the house. Very hot.

That moment when you realize the air conditioner is not working hot. That moment when you start thinking I did not plan for fixing the air conditioner hot.

The repairman just left the house. Now it is that moment when you realize it will take a while to pay for fixing the air conditioner.

I am looking for grace in this moment of my life.