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Waving Good Bye and Saying Hello

It is that time of year again. Let’s wave “Good-bye” to 2013 and say “Hello” to 2014!

January 1 and our New Year celebration gives us the opportunity to stop and think about where we have been and where we might go.

It is a kind of sabbath day for us. It is a day for resting, reflecting on the previous year, and looking into the one to come.


5 Life Rules We Learn From Baseball

I understand not everyone is a baseball fan. I am sorry for that and I pray for them daily.

Baseball takes three hours to play a game, a weekend to sort out a series, and a spring and a summer and part of the fall to unfold a season. I know this. It takes patience.

A baseball game played out under the afternoon sun or the stadium lights lives out the drama and beauty of life, so even if you are not a baseball fan, read on, because baseball teaches us about life.


Do You Have a Dream?

When I was ten years old I wanted to play second base for the St. Louis Cardinals. Well, I still want to play second base for the Cardinals . . . .

What did you dream of doing when you were ten, twenty, thirty?

What do you dream of doing now?