Why I Love People

It is simple, really. There’s no telling what people will do. I am not thinking of the regrettable things people sometimes do. I’m thinking about the amazing, selfless, and graceful things people do all the time.

Just the other day I was spending some time with a friend to encourage him while he was waiting for his wife. We were sitting down having sandwich in a deli restaurant when an elderly man with a walker and cane walked up to a table near us. The man had his walker and his cane, plus a bag of some personal items, and the bag with his sandwich and chips as well as his drink. He was having a hard time balancing all of them while he looked for a table where he could sit.

My friend said, “I wish I knew how he wants me to help him.” As the man moved to a different table, he had to leave his food and drink on another table while he tried to keep his walker, cane, and other bag organized. A moment later, my friend said out loud, “Can I help you by bringing your food to you?”