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133 Ways “Grace is”

When my wife and I came home from work the day before yesterday it was hot in the house. Very hot.

That moment when you realize the air conditioner is not working hot. That moment when you start thinking I did not plan for fixing the air conditioner hot.

The repairman just left the house. Now it is that moment when you realize it will take a while to pay for fixing the air conditioner.

I am looking for grace in this moment of my life.


5 Life Rules We Learn From Baseball

I understand not everyone is a baseball fan. I am sorry for that and I pray for them daily.

Baseball takes three hours to play a game, a weekend to sort out a series, and a spring and a summer and part of the fall to unfold a season. I know this. It takes patience.

A baseball game played out under the afternoon sun or the stadium lights lives out the drama and beauty of life, so even if you are not a baseball fan, read on, because baseball teaches us about life.


Four Kinds of Love, One Way of Life

Love mystifies me. I cry at movies and when I read books. I tear up when I see young couples holding hands. My heart skips a beat when I see parents with young children.

Love makes the world go round, launches a thousand ships, and inspires countless poems and song lyrics.

Like water running through our fingers we cannot contain it. Like wind moving past us we cannot hold it. Like breath we cannot live without it.