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3 Ways Baseball Heals Me

As a child growing up a St. Louis Cardinals fan in Missouri I always wanted to go to Spring Training.

Years later when I lived in south Florida, the Cardinals moved their Spring Training facility two miles from my home.

I was in heaven.

I bought Spring Training season tickets when Roger Dean Stadium opened in 1998 and I never looked back.

Even when I moved to Nashville ten years ago, I kept my tickets. Although I only get to watch one week’s worth of games each year, I still make my annual trek to Jupiter, Florida.

My Spring Training journey starts baseball’s annual healing process in me.


Why I Am Not Perfect, But I Try To Be

Before my wife asked me what I wanted for our thirty-second anniversary, I told her. This surprised her because the conversation usually goes like this . . .

My wife: “Darrell, what do you want for your birthday/Christmas/anniversary present?”

Me: “Um, I dunno. I can’t think of anything.”

My wife: “Sigh.”

This time, before she could ask, I knew I wanted this book: Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation.

Now, before you leave the page because you’re thinking, “Oh God, no, not another lovefest fandom article about Apple!” please keep reading . . . .


What Trayvon Martin Teaches Us About Ourselves

If we are willing to learn, then Trayvon Martin can teach us something about ourselves. Even now, four days after the verdict the discussion continues.

Trayvon Martin’s death at the hands of George Zimmerman has staged a morality play into which we have been drawn. Like it or not, each of us have become a part of the drama.

Impolite Facebook posts, angry tweets, slanted news stories, all seek a foothold in the story to influence public opinion. Even this blog posting becomes a part of the noisy conversation.

What can we learn from this tragedy?