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How to Find Silence in Your Busy Life

About a year ago, my wife and I were fortunate to buy a small cabin by a creek. It is a wonderful setting.

Outside a small town, with a gently flowing creek behind it, and cow pastures in front, it is a nice place to get away.

The best thing about it, though, is it has no internet, no television, and no phone service.

It has helped me learn how to slow down my life and relish the solitude of silence.


Why Should I Study the Bible?

My father’s Bible sits on a shelf in my office and reminds me daily who I am.

Even though he has been dead for thirty years, he is a silent witness to me. Inside that old, worn KJV Bible, you would find underlined passages and notes from several of his sermons.

When I open it before me on my desk, it is as if he is leaning over my shoulder, breathing into my ear,

“Darrell, keep studying the Bible it will show you how to live.”