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How to Fail at Following Jesus

Holy Week always scares me. It just chases the Baptist right out of me. It haunts me and taunts me. It challenges me and asks if I would follow Jesus to the cross.

Growing up as a Baptist we did Easter Sunrise services and Easter musicals and “pull out the stops” worship services on Easter Sunday, but we never bothered with Holy Week.

I have come to believe this is the most important week of the year because it reminds me why we fail at following Jesus.


4 Goals for Spiritual Growth

When I was younger we called it a daily quiet time. It was preached and taught often as critical for our spiritual health. I knew that I was supposed to carve out a portion of my day to read the Bible and pray.

I was never able to do it so I always felt like a substandard Christian.

It was hard to make myself sit still everyday to do it. I am still not particularly good at it, but I have set some goals that have been helpful for my spiritual growth.

Let me share them with you today.


What is the Future of Your Church?

Over the last week I’ve written about lies, truths, and threats that the church faces today. If we do not accept the lies, face the truths, and address the threats, the church will stumble into an uncertain future. The future of the church rests in our hands.

What is the future of your church? How will you engage the lies, truths, and threats you see in your congregation? Will you be a part of helping your church imagine an exciting and dynamic future?