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When Your Daughter Graduates into Life

My daughter graduated from college Saturday. You might say, “Well people graduate from college all the time!”

This is true, but this is my daughter and I am particularly proud. She is a middle child like me and this is her moment in the spotlight.

I want to announce to all my friends how unbelievably amazing she is. She does not like it much when I compliment her, but she has approved me writing this, so as her dad I have some things to say.

It is an exciting day when your daughter graduates into life.


3 Ways to Find Yourself While Living Your Life

Maybe it happened all of a sudden or, perhaps, it snuck up on you. One day, quite unannounced you looked over your shoulder and saw your life chasing your down.

You likely thought, “Should I let it catch me, or should I run harder?”

We all face that moment when we are surprised by where we have been and not sure where we are going.

We need to find ourselves.


People Do Amazing Things: My Students

I have been fortunate to spend my life working with people. In the last two weeks I have highlighted two of those people.

You can read about Mandy Rapson, a young women dedicating her life to at-risk youth in South Africa, or Dr. Jorge Ponce, a pastor and physician helping those in need in Honduras through serving as a pastor, physician, and entrepreneur. They will inspire you.

Today, I want to tell you about just a few of the amazing young men and women I have the privilege to work with in one corner of my life. More and more, I am convinced they are the missing pieces of the puzzle of our future.