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Four Threats to the Church Today, Part 2

Earlier this week, we looked at two things threatening the church today: the way we are influenced by politics and the way we talk about sexuality. Today, we will look at how we treat people of other faiths and how we are losing our humanity poses great threat to the church.

I grew up as a Baptist in a small rural community in Missouri. I understood other religions at that time as being the Roman Catholics at St. Rose of Lima in my hometown of DeSoto or the Pentecostals up the road north of town on Highway 21. The world I grew up in seems quaint now and very different from the world of my children. I never met a Jew or a Muslim or a Buddhist or a Hindu until I was in college. My children had them as their best friends in grade school.


Four Truths of the Church Today

Last week I wrote about Four Lies of the Church Today. In that post I wrote about the ways the church lies to itself and others. When a church lies it becomes weak and loses its authority to speak to the world. Healthy and truthful churches do not lie.

As I continue writing about the church this week, I will write about Four Truths, Four Challenges, and Four Futures of the church. Let’s start with Four Truths of the Church.


Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? I am not asking that question in the big existential way. Not today. I do believe I am here for a purpose as I live in relationship with other people. The why am I here question today asks why I am writing in this little corner of the the cyber universe.