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Six Simple Pleasures of the Holidays

It is the day after Christmas. When I was a child, this day always felt a bit like a let down after all the build up to the big day.

Our tree would often be taken down the day after Christmas, the family would disappear, and we would settle into normal. As I have grown older, I have come to appreciate how the holidays are about much more than a tree and presents.

Sitting at home, looking out the window, I began to think on six simple pleasures of the holidays.


How is Christmas not Just About Jesus?

Just the other day, I saw an advertisement for a quirky Christmas t-shirt. Gathered around the stable scene were all the normal cast of characters: shepherds, wise men, animals, and angels. Mary and Joseph are not visible.

From out of the gathered crowd a voice shouts: “It’s a girl!”

The description for the shirt reads: “This will definitely change the face of Christmas.”