So How’s the Water?

I jumped into the deep end of the social media pool about a month ago. I put little floaty thingies on my arm, took a deep breath, and plunged into the water. At first, I kept close to the edge of the pool making certain I was always within arm’s length of my mentors.

Gradually, I moved away from the edge and practiced my social media dog paddling. I’m just keeping my nose above water but I’m having a lot of fun.

I am learning new things about myself and the world.

I want to challenge you to learn with me. Since it is social media, I need you to help make it social! Read on, this is more than just a commercial.

I am trying to blog three times a week on this site. Look over to the right and you can see a place to subscribe. if you put in your email address, then three times a week I will email you my reflection and I will do everything possible to make it a good 5-10 minutes of reading. No one else will have access to your email.

I am also using a Facebook page in this social media adventure. I am discovering it as a different medium than a blog that requires posting engaging articles and pictures to make it interesting. It is another way I can show you how I think or what I find amusing, inspiring, or important. You can find my Facebook page here.

I also launched myself out into the Twitterverse! This was a scary thing for me. Twitter seemed like a big room full of people all chattering to each other in a foreign language. I have worked with it for a month now and tweeted a grand total of 160+ times. It is a very sophisticated and immediate communication tool. I continue to learn every day from people I’m following. You can follow me here: @DarrellGwaltney.

The big question is what can any of us learn from participating in social media?

It requires humility. Setting up a blog, a Facebook page, and tweeting has a learning curve. I have been stunned by the sophisticated communication tools people are using and how effectively they use them. I am in the pool and I am not worrying that others are stronger swimmers than I am.

It requires commitment. Today’s blog should have been posted yesterday, but my schedule clobbered me and I couldn’t get it written. I need to plan better, but at least I’m writing today! I am developing a new routine for my every day life where I am looking and writing and preparing things to share.

It demands patience. As of today, I have 61 subscribers, 149 “likes” on Facebook, and 76 followers on Twitter. It is a small tribe. I thank each one of you for joining in with me! I do not know how many will eventually gather around the work I am doing in social media, but I am excited about the journey. Work like this means doing a little something each day and building on the previous day’s work. It is teaching me to be more focused and appreciative of the work I do each day.

I am discovering a funny thing about life in my splashing around in the social media pool.

I am reminded I have so much to learn about so many things.

I am challenged because I need to do good work every day.

I am encouraged when I need to be patient with the large and small things of life.

So far, the water is good. I’m starting to move past dog paddling and I’m feeling comfortable away from the edge of the pool. I’m keeping these floaty thingies on for a while longer because there is just so much I still need to learn!

So how’s the water in the deep end of your pool of life? Have you learned anything lately?

  • Royce Harrell

    Darrell, great post. And yes, you have jumped in the pool and I appreciate you taking the time to describe what’s it’s like. Keep swimming, I can tell the floatees are coming off real soon.

    • Darrell

      Thanks, Royce. The unexpected fun in doing this has been the discovery of all the things to learn. It has been very engaging . . . .