People Do Amazing Things: Jorge Ponce

I have been fortunate to meet people who do amazing things with their life. They inspire me and challenge me. The encourage and they teach me about life. I want to share them with you.

Last week, I introduced you to Mandy Rapson from South Africa and today I introduce you to Dr. Jorge Ponce from Honduras.

Dr. Ponce, who lives outside of Tegulcigalpa, Honduras, is a former olympic athlete, a father, a pastor, and a doctor. He has dedicated his life to loving and serving other people.

Let’s meet him.

I first met Dr. Ponce when I traveled to Honduras for a medical missions trip with Luke 9:2 Ministries in 2011. Luke 9:2 Ministries is a dynamic medical missions ministry that has served almost 25,000 patients in annual trips over the last thirteen years. When they travel to Honduras they work with Dr. Ponce.

I asked Dr. Ponce to respond to four questions about his work.

1. How does your faith inform and encourage you in your life and work?

I believe all Jesus has done in my life increases my faith every day and strengthens my relationship with Him. When I see all He has done in me, then I am encouraged to work in His Kingdom to help people in need and share about His love and mercy.

2. What amazing thing have you done recently to help change lives?

Recently we have done several different things. First my wife and I are pastoring a rural church and we supervise 5 more churches. Second, we are taking medical care to 12 rural communities. Every medicine and treatment we provide is free, in the name of Jesus. Also, we are helping families to start little businesses in their communities. Every month we provide food for poor families in our community. Many of these poor are elderly people who are unable to work because of some physical handicap. We help provide for their basic needs.

3. What it the most pressing need in your community, your country?

The most pressing need in our country in general is the lack of health care and job opportunities. It is for that reason that we are running a program called CHE (Community, Health and Evangelism). We are sharing the Gospel, discipling the people, and taking medical care to those in need. We are also teaching how to prevent diseases, helping families develop businesses, and improve agriculture programs.

4. If you had more resources what would you be able to do in your ministry?

If we have more resources we can help more families to start businesses, buy more medicine, visit more communities and spread the good news.

Fun bonus question: If you had one short phrase to challenge people with what would it be?

Change your way of thinking so you can change your way to live.

There is no way to capture the amazing work Dr. Ponce does. Befriend him on Facebook and follow his work. He has totally invested himself in his community through medical care, ministry, and entrepreneurial business work. His work embodies the good news and the life of Jesus given over to others. Pray for Dr. Ponce, his wife, Ivonn, and their children as they serve in Honduras.

There are always places for each of us to serve and there are always an abundance of opportunities. May the work of Mandy Rapson and Dr. Jorge Ponce inspire all of us to invest our lives in other people!

  • Yup Dr Jorge is all of that and a lot more. Praise God for men like him.

  • snally

    Darrell, Thanks so much for sharing Dr. Ponce’s story. God is doing amazing things thru his faithfulness! We are are blessed to know him.