How to Find Silence in Your Busy Life

About a year ago, my wife and I were fortunate to buy a small cabin by a creek. It is a wonderful setting.

Outside a small town, with a gently flowing creek behind it, and cow pastures in front, it is a nice place to get away.

The best thing about it, though, is it has no internet, no television, and no phone service.

It has helped me learn how to slow down my life and relish the solitude of silence.

We have been exploring deepening our spiritual lives the last six weeks. Each week we have looked at another discipline that helps us enrich our faith.

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So far, we have looked at these disciplines: meditation, prayer, fasting, bible study, and simplicity.

This week, we look at the discipline of silence.

If you are like me you find it harder and harder to be alone. Even when I get away to my cabin, the world still pushes in on me.

Do you find that happening, too? Everywhere you go, even in quiet places, your life keeps pressing in on you?

We all need a little silence in our lives because the silence helps us find the solitude that restores our soul.

Not everyone has a cabin as a place of retreat. Each of us, though, can learn how to create spaces to rediscover silence and the solitude it offers.

Solitude is about bringing to silence all the noise in our lives. It means slowing the physical, emotional, and calendared demands of our lives down. It means bringing silence into our inner being.

It is a hard thing to do and does not happen accidentally. You will not fall into silence nor trip over solitude.

You can create silence.

Slowing down helps create silence in your life. Try drinking your morning coffee intentionally, not while you’re reading email or the paper or watching TV. Just focus on your cup of coffee. As you drink it, listen to all the sounds around you. Try to pay attention to your heartbeat.

At the office, or wherever you life takes you each day, carve out five minutes to stop whatever it is you are doing. Just sit and listen. Pray. Breathe. If you can carve out ten minutes, that’s even better.

You can create silent places.

Designate a spot in your home that is the “silent place.” Make it a place away from the TV or the regular noise of the house. If there’s no door for the space, ask others around you to respect the silence of that place.

You can create habits of silence.

Noise pushes in on our lives at every corner. The incessant digital devices ping away at us reminding us of emails, texts, and appointments. Radios and TVs create background noise. Calendars haunt us.

Take email or text fasts–try it for a morning, an afternoon or an evening. Turn off the reminders on your smartphone. Turn off the TV for an evening (or a week!).

Take an hour without talking or typing. Listen to yourself and find the silence of your life.

None of us finds the silence we seek by accident. We can grow into the kind of silence that feed or souls and gives us rest.

Would you look for silence with me?