Why We Are Among the Walking Dead

Zombies are more popular than Sheldon Cooper, Blake Shelton, and Mariah Carey. The Big Bang Theory, The Voice, and American Idol have all lost in the ratings this year to The Walking Dead.

In its third season, The Walking Dead continues to grow its audience through a character driven drama where life and death hang in the balance for everyone. No one is safe.

Death stalks every character. It infects their relationships. It influences their decisions.

Each time I watch this show I am reminded that I am among the walking dead.


What to Do When Your Friends Turn Against You

There is no heartbreak quite like the heartbreak of standing alone among friends.

You say something and look for affirming nods, but everyone just stares at you. You step forward, and notice everyone moves away. You ask for help and no one comes forward.

You shockingly realize you are alone.

What should any of us do when our friends turn against us?