Where Will You Be the Day After Tomorrow?

Almost thirty years ago, ABC broadcast a movie about the day after a nuclear holocaust. Images from The Day After have remained seared in my brain over the last three decades. About seven years ago, a cinematic release gave us The Day After Tomorrow which imagined a global wide weather event that devastates the northern hemisphere.

Each movie tried to portray what civilization would be like in the days after an extinction event. Filled with personal drama, broken relationships and individual loss, each movie challenges then viewer to imagine life changed forever.

This campaign season has often carried “extinction event” tones as people supporting each candidate warn of impending apocalypses if their candidate is not elected.  At the end of a contentious presidential campaign, I am left with this question in my mind.

Where will you be the day after tomorrow?


Welcome to Here!

I have jumped into the deep end of the social media pool! I have put metaphorical little floaty things on my arms, jumped in the water, and I’m pushing away from the side of the pool. Thanks to the wonders of WordPress, widgets, CSS, and the talents of one of my former students, Jared, and his friend, Micah, I am here. If you are reading this, then you are here, too! Thanks for dropping by this little corner of the internet. Welcome to here!


Why Am I Here?

Why am I here? I am not asking that question in the big existential way. Not today. I do believe I am here for a purpose as I live in relationship with other people. The why am I here question today asks why I am writing in this little corner of the the cyber universe.