Why Should I Study the Bible?

My father’s Bible sits on a shelf in my office and reminds me daily who I am.

Even though he has been dead for thirty years, he is a silent witness to me. Inside that old, worn KJV Bible, you would find underlined passages and notes from several of his sermons.

When I open it before me on my desk, it is as if he is leaning over my shoulder, breathing into my ear,

“Darrell, keep studying the Bible it will show you how to live.”


What is the Future of Preaching? I’ve Seen It!

I have written several times about the cloudy horizons of Christianity in America. I write today to say I can see some bright sunshine pushing through the clouds.

The source of the sunshine is a group of young preachers.

Amidst the many challenges of the church today,  preaching serves as the cornerstone to the future of the church. Given the importance of preaching, you may wonder about its future.

I do and I want to say I have seen the future of preaching and I like very much what I see.

There is hope for the church in the young preachers among us.


Do You Have a Dream?

When I was ten years old I wanted to play second base for the St. Louis Cardinals. Well, I still want to play second base for the Cardinals . . . .

What did you dream of doing when you were ten, twenty, thirty?

What do you dream of doing now?