This is How the Year Ends, What’s Next?

Back in the last days of August, I wrote five or six blog posts to populate this little corner of the internet and quietly posted them online. Then on September 5, I turned the light on and invited anyone interested to stop in for a visit.

Initially, I had a crowd of people stop in to see what all the fuss was about and since then there have been regular visitors and even new friends stop by to read what I have to say.

Thank you all very much for your interest!


So What’s Your Opinion?

If having a book published or getting your name in print means having a chance to tell people what is on your mind, then the internet has blown away all the obstacles to telling people what you think. Give anyone a computer, an internet connection, and the opportunity and he or she can become an authority on anything.

Well, really, it is social media that has created the noisy conversations all around us. As an interested observer of Facebook the last three and a half years I have a bunch of people who have invited me to be their friend and now I get to read what they think.  It is much more fun to watch Facebook conversations than it used to be to receive those forwarded emails. You know the ones I mean, those emails we used to receive that told us to “Please forward to everyone important in your life so they don’t . . . “ then fill in the blank with some urban legend about bad things happening to people or some politician lying.