Pete Seeger, the State of the Union, and Calling Each Other Names

The music died yesterday. Well, a little bit of it died. After a career of more than seventy years, Pete Seeger passed away at 94 years of age.

I spent some time yesterday listening to tunes like “Where Have all the Flowers Gone?” and “If I Had a Hammer” and thought a bit about how a person can change the world with his voice.

It was a good feeling. I felt hopeful.

Then President Obama delivered the State of the Union address, I stumbled onto Facebook, and nearly lost my faith in humanity.


Happy 30th Birthday, Mac!

About thirty years ago, I walked into a computer shop because I was beginning graduate school and I thought  a computer would help me with my work.

The salesman in the store excitedly sat me down in front of a Leading Edge computer–a Korean manufactured PC popular at that time. He started running me through DOS prompts and command line code.

I remember looking to him and saying as politely as I could, “Really? There has to be a better way!”

I got up, walked out of the store, and drove down the road to the store selling Apple Macintoshes.

I have never looked back.


Do You Have an App for Your Life?

Our lives become increasingly digitalized with our smartphones and tablets. We are now a mobile culture.

Text messages and emails fly from our fingers. Memories of family events and vacations dance across our computer screens and smartphones. We can have face-to-face conversations real-time with anyone anywhere from our phones.

Behind the scenes of our digital life, the apps grind away connecting and communicating us to the outside world.

Do you have an app for your life?