Can You Live with a Fierce Love?

I recently flew from Nashville to Chicago on one of those beautifully clear days when from the airplane window you can see almost all the way to tomorrow.

As I was flying along and listening to music I became overwhelmed thinking about all the people below me in the homes that dotted the landscape.

From my God’s high view, I began to think about the kind of love it takes to love all of humanity and how we might love that way in our own lives. It would have to be a strong love, maybe even more than strong.

I began to wonder what a fierce kind of love might be like.

At the moment this longing for love swept over me, I was listening to a song on Old Crow Medicine Show’s new album Carry Me Back. The song, “‘Ain’t It Enough,” plaintively asks if love is enough.

Ain’t it enough,
To live by the ways of the world,
To be part of the picture,
Whatever it’s worth,
Throw your arms around each other
And love one another
For it’s only one life that we’ve got,
And ain’t it enough.

The heartache in the song pulses as it reminds us that castles turn into sand, fortunes are fleeting, time is deceiving, and even our bodies return to dust. It calls out that, somehow, throwing our arms around each other and loving each other becomes more than all the things we lose.

As I flew along and tried to imagine God’s love for all of humanity. I realized that the love of God must be fierce. This God knew what loss was.

That the one who threw the stars across the heavens, scooped out the oceans to shape the mountains, tossed the birds in the air, dropped the fish in the sea, placed the animals on the land, and then breathed into the dust to make all of humanity, that this God must love fiercely.

What does this kind of love look like?

It is a love that reaches beyond loss. From creation to the present all of humanity has fought with each other and taken all that they can take. They have turned their back on God and created in their own image. God has continued to love.

It is a love that soars above revenge. Humanity is not particularly good at being obedient nor even thankful for the creation God has gifted to it. Our disobedience and selfishness is rampant. God loves, even still.

It is a love that is stronger than pain. God is beyond pain. It is the love of God that gives God the strength to hold humanity close despite its disobedience.

It is a love defined by hope. Love always believes that life will prevail. Love looks best like God loving so much God sends Jesus, our one last and best hope to know love.

How can we live so fiercely? May we learn to love even when we feel broken beyond repair. May we love even though we want revenge. May we love even when we hurt more than words can claim. May we love when love alone gives us hope that all will be well.

From way up there in the air, I was struck it would take that kind of love. Down here now, next to my neighbors, among strangers and friends, can I live with a fierce kind of love?

Can you live with a fierce kind of godly love?