Are You Surprised By Life?

About twenty-five years ago I walked into a computer store to buy my first computer. A salesman showed me a boxy Leading Edge PC.

I sat down in front of it, looked at the dark screen with glowing green text, and listened as he told me how to type in commands to make it work. I was there less than five minutes.

I remember thinking, “This thing is ugly. It is hard to use. There has to be a better way.”

I drove across town and went into another store that sold Apple Computers. I looked at one. It was beautiful. It was easy to use. It was a better way.

Don’t worry, I’m not really writing about computers here.

I am holding in my hands my new iPhone 5. It is my third iPhone after a 3G and a 4. It is everything I’ve enjoyed in Apple products over the years. It has a design aesthetic and a kind of beauty that pleases me. In their own way, I’ve always found Apple products beautiful.

Maybe you do not like Apple products and that really is fine with me. What I’m wondering about today is what makes life beautiful for you?

I do enjoy my Apple iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad4G, and iPhone5, but I see beauty in many other places of life.

Life surprises me when beauty breaks into my life in the most unexpected moments.

It is beautiful when a young mother shops with her toddler in the grocery store. My daughters once had hair filled with ringlets.

It is beautiful when a dad walks along with his arm around his son. My son now stand taller than me.

It is beautiful when the fall breeze pushes through the fading leaves. The seasons change.

It is beautiful when young lovers embrace. I was young once.

It is beautiful when my huge dog Max runs across the back yard. He has such joy.

It is beautiful when children laugh at play. They are free.

It is beautiful when my wife reaches out to hold my hand while we watch TV. We are in love.

It is beautiful when the sun drops beyond the horizon. God made the world so good.

It is beautiful when old friends embrace. Hugs with memories are best.

It is beautiful to live surprised by life.

How does the beauty of life surprise you?