About Darrell Gwaltney

I want to say, first of all,  “thank you” for pausing to read about me and the things on my mind. You could be doing a lot of other things and I want you to know I am grateful that you are here.

When people ask me what I do I say I try to create opportunities for leadership with the students and faculty in the School of Religion at Belmont University and with the churches where I am privileged to serve.  I have given my whole life to working in churches and universities and a long time ago I discovered my greatest joy was in creating opportunities for others.

I have been a pastor and professor and a dean. Often, I have been all those things at the same time, but I never really think about myself in those roles. I would like to think that I create opportunities for people to engage the life and culture in which they live. I would like them to live fully engaged. I really see myself as a person promoting conversations about important things in life.

Beyond my dean title, I am also the H. Franklin Pascall Chair of Biblical Studies and Preaching, a position given to me in recognition of my thirty years in church and academic leadership. I enjoy working with local pastors and church leaders in that role and I appreciate the ways it helps me learn from others.

I am a husband of thirty-one years to my wife, Donna. She is an amazing person and I”ve been privileged to share my life with her. I also have three young adult children: Meghan, Jordan, and Trey. Each one is an amazing human being.

My goal on this site will be to encourage thoughtful conversations. People, life, and culture interest me and capture my imagination. I hope to write about some things that might capture your imagination and help you see the world more clearly.