5 Reasons Less is More for the New Year

This is just another ordinary day. Except for the idea that it is the first day of the first month of a new year.

We make a big deal out of that so it gives us a reason to think about starting over. Maybe, for some of us, it is restarting.

You know what I mean. It is time to get our lives in order.

Here, on the first day of the first month of a new year, I offer five reasons less in your life will give you more life.

Let me know what you think . . . .

As I am sitting here taking inventory of my life, I am thinking about five specific ways a little less in our lives will make our lives better and more full.

I’ve included a lot of links so you can dig deeper if you like.

1. Consume Less

The industrialized world is hungry. It consumes a lot. We Americans are at the top of the voracious pile of consumers.

We drink more soda (or pop for some of you!) than anyone else. We consume more electricity. We are more overweight.

Yes, we typically do everything more than everyone else in the world.

We drink too much sugar, so drink more water.

We consume too much electricity, but there are lots of ways to save energy.

We eat too much, so push away from the table earlier. Smaller portion sizes are the key to healthier living.

2. Worry Less

When the demands of life push down upon us and we feel overwhelmed, we can be consumed by worry.

Worry, that nagging fear that our lives are beyond our control, eats away at our very being. Worry is unhealthy.

It has long been a problem for people. Even Jesus taught about it in his “Sermon on the Mount.” He said we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow because each day takes care of itself.

Do not let the worry of your life control you. Confront it as you must, but live your life into the things you can control and that give you joy.

3. Sit Less

We are too sedentary. We sit too much. We are couch potatoes.

Sitting all the time is unhealthy.

You do not need a gym membership to be healthy, although regular cardio and strength activities are best for you. Start with getting up off the sofa and walking.

Walking is some of the best and least expensive exercise you can get.

Walk more. Sit less.

4. Surf less

The amount of time we spend with digital media continues to rise. We are staring at our smartphones, tablets, and computer screens more and more.

Of course, you’re reading this because you surfed a bit. It’s really okay to stop here and come back later!

Get up, walk around a bit, think about good things, and stop eating whatever you were eating while you were reading this. [See above!]

Make a pledge not to check text messages while you are in a conversation with someone. Don’t text when you’re driving. Put down the tablet while you’re watching television.

Avoid idly roaming across the vast expanses of the internet.

Get up. Walk around.

5. Doubt less

Okay, this admittedly is a play on words. What I really mean is let’s be kinder to each other.

Share a little kindness. Give a little grace. Let’s doubt each other less.

Facebook and other social media can become a cesspool of unverified innuendo and character assassination. Don’t swim in it.

Before you post a link or a comment, check the facts. Ask yourself, if you could look the person in the eyes over a cup of coffee, would you say the same thing the same way?

Here’s a longish article about why there is no much negativity on the internet, but the negativity is out there and you don’t have to go far to find it.

Just be more gracious to people and watch how much better life is for you in this new year.

There you go. Five ways to consume less and live more.

What do you think?