3 Ways to Find Yourself While Living Your Life

Maybe it happened all of a sudden or, perhaps, it snuck up on you. One day, quite unannounced you looked over your shoulder and saw your life chasing your down.

You likely thought, “Should I let it catch me, or should I run harder?”

We all face that moment when we are surprised by where we have been and not sure where we are going.

We need to find ourselves.

Drop into a Barnes & Noble or surf the web through and you’ll find dozens of “how to” books for every imaginable task from self-improvement to skill development to career planning.

It is almost impossible to read all the books and follow all the suggested changes and activities. Isn’t it?

Let me suggest three simple ways to find yourself while living the rest of your life.

First, learn how to listen.

Our entire life tries to tell us things everyday. Our bodies speak to us. Our family speaks to us. Our coworkers speak to us.

Finding ourselves begins when we slow down enough to listen.





Listen to your heart beat. Pay attention to what the aches and pains tell you. Do not wait for the other person to take a breath so you can talk, just listen.

Listening requires patience and silence. Be silent and listen to the voices around you.

Those voices will tell you who you are if you are brave enough to listen.

Second, risk taking the lead.

Taking the lead on something carries great risk. You may meet disapproval or find yourself in over your head. You may also discover unexpected abilities and surprising success.

Either way, taking the risk will help you discover who you really are.

Even if the risk brings failure, what you learn from it will help you make better choices in the future. When risk brings success, your confidence grows.

In either case, your self-understanding becomes more clear.

Third, seize the freedom to create.

Make something. Anything. Just make something.

The impulse to create exists in every human being. Release yourself from someone else’s expectation of what you should create and how you should do it.

Make the thing you are made to create.

Sit down and start writing. Pick up a pin and needle and begin to shape cloth in a way you imagine. Plant something or pick up a paintbrush or use a hammer.

Seizing the freedom to create will call you to express the you inside for which you cannot find words.

If you listen long enough, take bold enough risks, and make the things born by your imagination, then you will wake up to a new and exciting understanding about who you are.

While you are living your life, you will find yourself.

Does this intimidate you? Are you afraid of risk taking? Are you concerned about what people will think about what you make? 

  • Julie Hardin

    Darrell, this is EXCELLENT! If we just listen and slow down… It’s then when we all realize our calling as artist, sharing this magnificent artistic expression on each our own and collectively shared canvas; L.I.F.E.

    • darrell

      Thanks, Julie! Almost everything about our culture fights against these three things. We are too busy to listen. We are conditioned not to take risks. We are taught to mimic and not create. Keep your vision!