3 Reasons Your Life Can Be a Comedy

Recently my son was asking questions about how my wife and I met. We were lab rats for a writing project in one of his classes.

Since I was out of town for the weekend my wife and I both wrote up our versions and emailed them to him separately. He enjoyed reading of our first meeting.

He thinks how are relationship started is comedic. Little does he know, our whole relationship has been a comedy.

When I was just nineteen years old I began serving at a church as children’s pastor. I had been at the church for about a month or so when I started getting invitations to lunch.

I soon began to notice that I was specifically being invited to Sunday lunch to families who had daughters about my age. Each time, when we sat down for the Sunday lunch, I would be seated next to their daughter. There were a lot of lunches where I ate as quickly as I could.

There was one lunch invitation I never received but it was the one I wanted the most of all. Finally, one day after church, I was starting down the steps from the auditorium to make my way out of the church when I heard a voice.

“Brother Darrell! Brother Darrell!”

I turned to look around and saw the mother of the girl with whom I most wanted to have lunch.

She said, “Would you like to come to our house for lunch today?”

As I was taking a deep breath and trying to avoid shouting, “YES!!!”, I looked over her shoulder and saw her daughter waving her hands back and forth and mouthing, “No! No! No!”

That only made me more determined so I said, “Yes!”

Her daughter visibly slumped in disappointment.

We have laughed about that moment a lot over the years. My wife was not looking for a relationship when I came around but we have been together now for more than thirty years. Along the way there has been plenty of comedy.

When I look back over my life I can see many different reasons why it is comedic. Here are three of them:

1. Comedy offers unexpected twists in life’s story.

True comedies offer unexpected twists in the story line. When I was asked to lunch by my future mother-in-law I never expected nor imagined that the girl of my dreams would wave me off and ask me to say “no.” I found it funny and it made me want to get to know her all the more.

Our lives have taken us from Missouri to Kentucky to Florida and now to Tennessee. Three children, two Ph.Ds, three Masters degrees, two baccalaureate degrees, sixteen places of residence, sixteen jobs, eighteen vehicles, cats and dogs and all the stories they bring with them we never saw coming.

2. Comedy offers exceptional characters.

When my wife and I were first starting the lives that would be our story together, we had no way of knowing the people we would meet along the way. We have meet amazingly supportive people and we have meet people who have challenged us.

We learned somewhere along the way that the story was ultimately about us and how we wanted to respond to the characters in our lives. We chose to work together because of and, sometimes, in spite of, people in our lives.

3. Comedy offers the opportunity for happy endings.

Situation comedies on television and romantic comedies at the movies suggest all conflict can be resolved neatly and quickly. The wonderful comedy in a relationship is the opportunity for happy endings.

Over the years, through difficult and easy times, through sad and joyful times, through confusing and clear times, we always hold out hope for a happy ending.

Comedy reminds us that a happy ending remains out there to be experienced. Even if a chapter of our lives did not go according to plan, we have kept our eyes focused forward.

We are looking forward to a happy ending, because life is a comedy!

Does your life look like a comedy? Are you living for a happy ending? What does your happy ending look like?