3 Ways Baseball Heals Me

As a child growing up a St. Louis Cardinals fan in Missouri I always wanted to go to Spring Training.

Years later when I lived in south Florida, the Cardinals moved their Spring Training facility two miles from my home.

I was in heaven.

I bought Spring Training season tickets when Roger Dean Stadium opened in 1998 and I never looked back.

Even when I moved to Nashville ten years ago, I kept my tickets. Although I only get to watch one week’s worth of games each year, I still make my annual trek to Jupiter, Florida.

My Spring Training journey starts baseball’s annual healing process in me.


Lent, Bubble Mania, and God

About six years ago one of my students challenged me to reveal what I was giving up for Lent.

I told her, “I’m a Baptist, I don’t do Lent.”

She said, “It’s not about being Baptist, it’s about giving up something for God. I’m giving up caffeine, what are you going to give up?”

Backed into a corner by a student I respected and confronted with the weakness of my “Baptist” excuse, I made a decision.

“I’ll give up Peanut M&Ms,” I said.


Carrying Life for Others . . .

I often feel like I am a lousy Christian. I try to follow the teachings of Jesus and I try to be obedient in all the little corners of my life.

Yet, I feel like I do not measure up to the “high calling of Christ” (Phil. 3.14).

One of the things that trips me up the most as a Christian is the need to serve others. I know I should. I think I do. I try my best.

I often feel, though, that I just do not have the whole picture.

Let me explain.